Holi festivities are on their way with bright beautiful colours and lip-smacking sweets and chaat. Sharing cheerful and jolly moments is what we all enjoy during holi time. With all the happy and celebrating time, holi colours bring some damage to our skin and hair. Rashes, pigments, redness, breakouts, hair fall, dry hair, etc are some of the troubles most of us face.

Following are the pre and post skincare tips that we all can follow before and after playing holi.

Skin and hair care before holi

  • Rub Ice on Your Face - Rubbing ice all over your face will close your skin pores and tighten the skin. Open pores can get clogged with holi colours causing severe acne breakouts or skin allergies. It reduces the chances of skin getting burnt or irritated due to the colours or sun.

  • Moisturise Your Skin Well -  Apply a thick layer of moisturiser all over the body, 30 minutes before playing holi. Massage gently to let the skin absorb the moisturiser. Holi colours contain harsh chemicals that can give extreme dryness to the skin. These colours can also give allergic reactions or skin irritation. You can apply Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Body Cream or Wheat Germ Oil. These are highly nourishing body moisturizers that can help you to keep your skin protected from holi colours.

  • Lip Care is Important - Do not forget to protect your lips also. Before playing holi, exfoliate your lips, rub some ice cube and apply a thick lip balm on it. Even a rich matte lipstick will also help to protect your lips from colours, as it will form a layer on your lips thereby protecting the lips to come in contact with colours.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated - Before you go out and enjoy all the holi festivities hydrate yourself entirely. Eating a lot of sweets, oily food and some people also end up consuming alcohol will lead to dehydration which can be harmful for skin and health both. Hydrating yourself well before playing holi will keep your skin and body protected from dehydration and sun.

  • Wear Sunglasses - To protect your eyes make sure you wear sunglasses. It will prevent the colour from getting into the eyes. Before playing holi apply eye cream or eye gel around the eyes to prevent redness and irritation.

  • Oil Your Hair & Scalp Thoroughly - Massage your scalp and hair with nourishing hair oil to prevent the hair from any damage such as dryness, dandruff, hair fall and breakage. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Hair Oil is enriched with essential oils of Argan and Bhringraj. It helps improve hair quality and reduces split ends. The essential oils of Hibiscus and Lavender help maintain the natural sheen of your hair, nourishing both the hair and scalp as well as fortifying the hair follicles.

  • Shield It With Sunscreen - While playing Holi you’ll be staying out in the sun till the peak hours. Do not risk your skin over the fun and make sure to apply a waterproof, high SPF sunblock or sunscreen gel to avoid the tan. Apply it 15-20 mins before going out and it will effectively protect the most exposed parts of your body like face, arms, legs and neck area.

Things to do with after playing Holi

  • Cleanse Your Skin - Take a warm shower and remove as much colour as you can, gently with a mild and moisturising cleanser. Do not over scrub or rub your skin excessively. It can cause chapped and dry skin with rashes. After a warm shower massage your body with thick moisturiser or oil to get rid of all the leftover colour without drying out your skin, apply coconut oil or almond oil, massage it and wipe it off with cotton. With light pressure and fine grip remove the entire colour without irritating your skin.

  • Moisturise Your Skin - Dry colours and water colours both can cause your skin and hair to dry and damaged. Use Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising lotion for face and Cocoa Butter and Vanilla Body Cream to deeply moisturise, calm and soothe the skin.

  • Deep Clean Up - After 24 hours of cleansing and moisturising your skin. Now it's time to deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Cleanse your skin with any cleanser that is suitable for your skin. It should be mild and alcohol-free. After cleansing, exfoliate the skin to unclog and clean the pores with a gentle exfoliator or Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Exfol Gel. After exfoliation Apply any nourishing and soothing face pack to close the pores and help the skin to rejuvenate and regain the lost water level.