Dry skin is one of the most common skin conditions in winters. Drop in the humidity level and cool air makes the skin lose moisture and water quickly. With the change in weather, we should change our skincare routine accordingly. Most of us add moisturiser to the skin care regime considering the dry weather and for skin nourishment. But certain factors also lead to dry skin. Here we will share some causes of skin dryness and how you can take care of your skin thoroughly.

  1. Dry and Cold Weather - The cold chilling weather dries out the skin and pores causing the skin to dry, irritated, cracked and visible early signs of aging. As the air gets cooler, glands just below the surface of the skin become relatively inactive so the skin gets drier. Cold winds during winter cause dry red patches along with tight, flaky dry skin.  

  2. Inappropriate Moisturiser - Sometimes even after using the moisturiser our skin remains dry and lacks nourishment. Moisturiser may be missing some of the important ingredients. For harsh winter rich thick moisturisers are usually recommended which have a good amount of oil content in them. The moisturisers help seal in the water below the skin surface and act as a barrier against external conditions. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Moisturisers have good water content and essential oils to give this skin complete nourishment and to heal the skin from within.

  3. Wrong Timing of Moisturisation - We all are aware of moisturising the skin in winters, but do we really do it according to the right timings? Applying moisturisers at random timings will not help the skin to retain nourishment. In winters, skin loses moisture to the environment more quickly than it can replenish; it has to be protected with extra rich moisturisers from time to time. After taking a shower during winters the skin's outer layer instantly loses its moisture. To regain the lost moisture apply a rich creamy moisturiser all over your body. Every night before going to bed, moisturise your skin well. During sleep, our body relaxes and repairs more efficiently, moisturising your skin at this time will keep the skin hydrated and nourished. 

  4. Check on your Cleanser - Another way to counteract dryness is to dispense with the use of soap and face wash completely. Most of them are extremely drying to the skin. Use a gentle cleansing lotion or cleansing cream instead. Use a cleanser or any face wash that has a more moisture base of glycerine. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Turmeric Cleanser, Aloe Vera Cleanser and Mint Cleanser are healthy cleansers that can be used during winters to retain the moisture within the skin. This range of cleansers from Aroma Magic helps to maintain flawless, healthy, and radiant skin.

  5. Too Hot Shower - Avoid taking a hot water bath, as the hot showers can dry and irritate the skin instantly. This can even lead to chapped skin, rashes and itching. Hot water baths can also wash out the nourishment and natural oils of the skin making it dry and flaky. Do not wash your face or take a bath at least half an hour before going out into the cold.

  6. Avoiding Sleep Mask - Apply night creams or overnight packs that can help the skin to repair and rejuvenate more easily and quickly. Our skin revives itself when we are asleep. During winters always apply night cream or overnight packs before going to sleep. It detoxifies, hydrates and nourishes the skin and applying night creams or overnight packs are also the best suitable solutions to delay the signs of aging. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Vitamin E Night Cream and Hydrating Seaweed Pack are two products that can be used to keep your skin protected from dryness or dullness during winters.

  7. Severe Skin Damage - Leaving your skin dry and not giving it appropriate moisturisation can lead to severe skin disorders such as eczema, dullness, redness, cracks on the outer layer of skin. Keep yourself hydrated and moisturised from time to time. Drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water daily and also consume seasonal fruits to give a healthy glow to your skin.