Looking for natural ways to get healthy skin? Head straight to your kitchen and get some coconut oil!

Nothing less than a magic potion, coconut oil works wonders in your kitchen as well as your self-care routine! It is a rich source of antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and has been used for ages to boost immunity, promote hair growth, and maintain healthy and glowing skin.

There are many benefits of coconut oil for skin. Besides using it for your facial skin, you can also use coconut oil for scalp skin. Keep on reading to find out how!

4 Reasons You Should Use Coconut Oil for Face

Best suitable for normal to dry skin, coconut oil is a powerhouse of vitamins & healthy fats that can keep the skin glowing and youthful. Here are 4 reasons you should use coconut oil for face:

  • Good for hydration
    Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that help prevent dryness and retain skin’s moisture. It is one of the best natural skin oils for dry skin and is, therefore, very good for the winter season.
  • Natural remedy for skin inflammation
    You can also use coconut oil for face because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It can help ease skin inflammation, soothe irritated skin, and reduce redness.
  • Helps reduce wrinkles
    Coconut oil is one of the best sources of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps promote cell regeneration and repairs skin. You can use coconut oil for wrinkles and reducing the appearance of fine lines.
  • Heals wounds
    Coconut oil also acts as an excellent carrier oil for face. You can use it to dilute essential oils before application.

    You can blend 30 ml of coconut oil with 2 drops of Lavender essential oil and 1/2 tsp. turmeric, and use it to heal wounds and infections.

    Watch this video to find out more ways to use coconut oil as a carrier oil for other skin care benefits.

    So much about the benefits of coconut oil for face! Now, let’s move on to talking about the uses of coconut oil for scalp and hair.

 Uses of Coconut Oil for Scalp

Coconut oil is a must-have hair care essential if you want healthy & happy hair! Here are some of the uses of coconut oil for scalp: 

  • Relieves dry scalp
    Do you have a dry & itchy scalp? And does your scalp become extremely dry in winter? Well, we’ve some good news! You can use coconut oil for dry scalp. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties that can moisturize your scalp and prevent it from getting dry & flaky.
  • Strengthens hair follicles
    The fatty acids in coconut oil are a great source of nourishment for the scalp. Using coconut oil for scalp massage can help strengthen your hair follicles and promote hair growth.
  • Helps control dandruff
    Coconut oil is an excellent natural oil for dandruff. It can be applied directly to the scalp to reduce dandruff.

    Coconut oil can help boost the overall health of your hair and make them smooth & shiny!

How to choose the best coconut oil?

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of coconut oil for your face & scalp, let us tell you some of the important factors that you should consider before you buy one.

You must ensure that the coconut oil you choose is:

  • Organic
  • Cold-pressed

Organic and cold-pressed coconut oil is the best for you because it retains most of its nutrients and antioxidant properties.

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Coconut Oil is 100% chemical-free and is cold-pressed. We have a wide range of nature-derived, organic oils that have many benefits for your skin and hair.