A regular skin care regimen is very essential for all skin types to cleanse away everyday dirt and grime, take away dead cells, and stimulate blood circulation. Our skin is the most vulnerable organ that is constantly exposed to the environment, heat, dust, pollution, cold, humidity, and other factors causing skin damage, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, aging, dullness, etc. Hence our skin needs to be nourished from within inside and outside

Acne is the most common disorder which predictably occurs first during the teenage years, but now due to many factors, it is affecting almost every age group.

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Fairy Skin Oil is a specially curated skin oil that works best to treat and prevent acne and acne marks. This fairy skin oil helps prevent acne, and pimples, and balances the sebum level. It also reduces inflammation and blackheads.

It has witch hazel extracts that can treat acne by soothing irritation. Witch hazel can tighten blood vessels to lessen the appearance of inflammation and irritated skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce skin swelling. It can regulate the sebum level, which can clog the skin's pores and result in pimples.

Jojoba oil in fairy skin oil acts is excellent at helping to lighten and fade dark spots. Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E, and antioxidants, both of which may help prevent scars.

The blend of essential oils of tea tree, juniper berry, and mint makes it rich in antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent acne, while also reducing swelling associated with inflammatory acne. Juniper berry essential oil is loaded with antifungal and antimicrobial properties that protect skin from acne-causing bacteria. Mint essential oils have strong antibacterial properties, peppermint oil works effectively in treating acne. It is an effective natural alternative for acne-removing products.

How to Use:

Cleanse your face with Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Neem & Tea Tree Face Wash and pat dry. Apply 4-5 drops of Fairy Skin Oil onto your clean face and neck every morning and night.

Skin oils are generally a blend of various essential oils to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Facial oils help bring balance by deeply nourishing the skin without clogging the skin pores. These oils majorly work on the outer layer of the skin by making it a stronger barrier for water and moisture retention. They add a healthy glow to your skin and keep it soft and supple. These skin oils have antibacterial properties and prevent the signs of aging.

Aromatherapy is a powerful science that we can no longer ignore. When used consciously, essential oils work magically to balance and harmonise the mind, body, emotions, and soul and it can become a way of life. Skin oils are generally blends of various essential oils to keep your skin healthy and attractive. The skin-identical nature of facial oils makes them extremely effective when the formula is appropriate for your complexion type.