Skincare no doubt is a basic need for everyone to keep their skin healthy and glowing. Everyone has their way and choice of products to take care of their skin. Some like to do it with home care regimes, some do their skincare with the products they are using for a long time and some keep updating their skincare regime with the latest trends. It is always good to keep upgrading your skincare routine as per age, weather and latest trends but sometimes we have to be a little more thoughtful towards our skin.

Let's understand some of the latest skincare trend's bright and dark sides.

  • K-Beauty - K-Beauty which means Korean beauty involves simple skincare steps to help you to get youthful and dewy looking skin. K-Beauty skincare products involve products with ingredients enriched with vitamins and minerals that enhance the natural beauty of the skin. Though the K- Beauty skincare regime is more natural instead of chemical-based, certain ingredients are used in these products which are not effectively suitable to Indian skin types.

  • Face Serums - Face serums have become the recent hit product for the skin. Face serums are lightweight formulations that contain active ingredients and can be applied to your skin directly or before moisturiser. They are usually liquid, slightly oily textured and less thick. Serums help to keep your skin hydrated, protected and nourished. But if we talk about the dark side of serum, applying any serum enriched with an ingredient that is not suitable to the skin can cause severe damage to the skin such as inflammation, irritation, itching, and burns.

  • Minimal Skincare - This is another trend that has come into the limelight and people are following it without understanding the actual need of the skin. It is right that applying too many products to the skin can harm. But we have to be sure that when we are reducing our skincare to minimal we at least give basic care to the skin. A morning and evening cleansing, toning, oiling and moisturizing as per the skin type should be your daily skincare regime.

  • At-Home Treatment - To serve our skin with natural and organic treatment many people follow DIYs or homemade ways to take care of their skin. It helps in maintaining the overall health and well-being of the skin. A consistent home skincare regime makes sure that your skin is of optimal quality. But this also needs a careful approach while using the type of ingredient for the skin. Not all the ingredients which are serving benefits to one type of skin will help another skin type and it also requires how much skin is exposed to external factors.

  • LED Light Face Mask - LED therapy is an immediate way to penetrate the skin with infrared lights in varying wavelengths. It triggers the natural intracellular processes and repairs any damage to the skin, leaving it soft and glowing. These masks are not majorly harmful but yes improper excessive use of them may cause increased inflammation, redness, rashes and can make the skin more sensitive. It is always best to use skincare products that are more natural and skin-friendly.