Winter surely brings the celebration time but along with this celebration, it also brings several skin difficulties. As the winter comes our skincare regime should be modified accordingly.

During this season our skin tends to lose moisture and nourishment more quickly that can further cause different skin problems. Following are some of the essential winter skincare tips that we all should follow to keep the skin nourished, glowing and winter-ready.

  • Use Lukewarm Water
    During winters most of us prefer taking a hot water bath. Ideally, a lukewarm shower is most skin-friendly rather than a hot water bath. Hot water can irritate the skin causing excessive dryness that can eventually lead to cracking skin. Warm water relaxes the muscles without drying the skin.

  • Drink A Lot of Water With Honey
    Dehydration is not only the summer thing it can even happen during winters. Cold weather reduces the thirst to a great extent also the dry cool breeze during winter dehydrates the skin from within. Drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water and also add a tablespoon of honey to each glass of water. This will help to keep the body nourished and hydrated for a longer time.

  • Moisturise Regularly
    Moisturising your skin regularly is a necessity in winters. It protects the skin from irritations, redness and dryness caused by dry weather. Moisturising your skin regularly also maintains the nourishment level of the skin and keeps it healthy and glowing preventing the signs of aging.

  • Follow Night Skincare Regime
    Cleansing - Toning - Oiling - Moisturising. For winter nights a wholesome skincare regime is the easiest way for fresh skin. Use a nourishing cleanser enriched with moisturising and hydrating ingredients. Cleansing opens up the skin pores, toners help in the deep cleansing of pores by unclogging them and these also tighten the open pores. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Beautiful Skin Oil delicately renews the skin and reveals a youthful glow. It diminishes fine lines and keeps the skin inflammations at bay. Follow it up with a Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Cold Cream that deeply moisturizes and hydrates your skin during the winter season. It also helps relieve dry and itchy skin, making the skin youthful and clear.

  • Hand & Foot Care
    Take special care of your hands and feet during winters. Due to repeated washing and being the most exposed body part, hands tend to lose moisture more frequently. Indoor heat and dry cool weather altogether cause the feet and heels to crack. That can further cause severe dry skin, pain and bleed.

  • Sun Protection
    To keep the skin protected from the sun and to prevent the signs of aging sunscreen should always be applied before going out in the sun. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Sunscreens are the most effective ways to protect you from the sun through the application of sunscreen. It is important to look for a better sunscreen lotion with a higher Sun Protection Factor (commonly known as SPF) to save your skin from the most common sun hazards.