The benefits of olive oil are not unknown to the world, be it salad dressing or cooking, but what a lot of us are not aware of is the fact that olive oil can work wonders for our skin as well, especially dry skin. Dry skin needs to be moisturized deep and not just on the surface. It is crucial that we have healthy skin that is more than just superficial. That’s when natural olive oil comes to the rescue.

Aroma Magic Organic Olive Oil is a cold-pressed, natural Olive vegetable oil. It is a fruity oil, extracted from Olives that deliver multiple benefits. When combined with essential oils, it is ideal for body and head massages. Being full of vitamins, minerals and proteins, it acts as the perfect moisturiser for dry skin and keeps the skin firm and toned. Being rich in healthy fats and phenolic antioxidant Vitamin E along with oleic acids, it helps in repairing the damage caused due to exposure to the sun. It is a no-nasty oil, with no harsh chemical ingredients.

Skin Benefits of Olive Oil

  1. Olive oil is an excellent antioxidant: Our skin gets deeply damaged because of cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation. Being an antioxidant, olive oil helps reverse that damage. Olive oil contains a high percentage of squalene that gives an extra boost to skin hydration. Olive oil prevents sun damage and restores the natural glow.

  2. Olive oil gives hydration & nourishment: One of the most significant benefits of olive oil is its ability to moisturise the skin by preventing water loss. People with dry skin often notice dry patches on their skin; regular use of olive oil helps retain hydration and appearance by increasing the water content of the skin.

  3. Olive oil prevents premature aging: Oxidation often leads to premature aging of the skin. Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, D, K and E which can delay the oxidative impact on our skin.

  4. Olive oil removes waterproof makeup: Removing waterproof mascara and eyeliner or other waxy makeup can be tricky. In our pursuit to remove makeup, we often get a little harsh, which can in turn affect skin health. Olive oil is great for lifting stubborn makeup without actually letting out skin suffer. Although Olive oil helps break down waxy makeup, make sure to clean your face with a cleanser to remove all makeup.

  5. Olive oil provides extra hydration for the eye area: Dry skin comes with its own set of challenges. With the benefits of hydrating squalene and antioxidants, olive oil moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes. It also nourishes eyelashes.

  6. Olive oil heals wounds: Natural olive oil contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that can aid wound healing. Triterpenes, present in olive oil can help the process of wound healing by reducing the time for wound closure.

Natural Olive oil has proven to be a blessing for people with dry skin, dry elbows and knee areas can be restored with regular use of olive oil. It is also vital to use natural olive oil that is free of all or any kind of artificial chemicals. Natural olive oil is a blessing for people with dry skin and can work wonders if used the right way.

How to use olive oil for skin

Olive oil has a soothing property and it is used to lock the moisture and hence it comes generally as the last step of skincare. During the day it can be used just before sunscreen. Olive oil can be used before moisturizer or it can be mixed with the moisturizer as well. It is advised to apply olive oil when the skin is a little wet after a shower.

Who should avoid using olive oil?

If your skin is prone to excess oil production, such as acne, it is advised to not use olive oil as it can clog pores and lead to active acne breakout.