Headache and body ache are two common ailments that most people are suffering nowadays frequently, irrespective of their age factor and lifestyle. From bearable pain to severe headache or body ache it can disturb our efficiency to a significant extent. 

There can be different rea  sons for headaches and body aches that need to be checked before following any treatment. Some of the generic reasons that cause headache or body ache are stress, dehydration, improper sleep, cold and flu, chronic fatigue, and illness like migraine, sinus, etc. There can be many other significant reasons such as medications or other illnesses that may be giving you body ache or headache which should be diagnosed with time and given proper treatment. 

There are a few painkillers to cure headaches and body aches, but how these medications can be destructive in other ways is still uncertain. Headache or body ache that happens due to common factors such as stress, anxiety, environmental factors, sleep disorders, cold or flu, etc can be treated with some natural remedies to prevent any further harm or illness to the body. 

Aromatherapy works through us and our sense of smell. Our sense of smell transcends the conscious level to reach the subconscious level and is linked to our mind. The antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties of the essential oils help to heal common day-to-day ailments. There are numerous causes of fatigue such as prolonged activity, improper diet, and lack of sleep for a long period. When you strain your body from everyday activities, your muscles make and release inflammatory chemicals which cause soreness. 

Below are the natural ways by which you can treat body aches and headaches:

  • Help Me! I Have A Headache Curative Oil
    Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic's Help Me! I Have A Headache Curative Oil is a blend of lavender, ginger, and basil essential oils. Lavender essential oil helps to reduce stress level and relax the muscles, whereas basil essential oil gives relief from pain, fortifies, and gives calmness, and ginger oil helps in reducing the pain. The blend of these three essential oils makes it suitable to treat headaches and relax the mind. Apply oil on your head, temple, nose tip, and nape of your neck. Close your eyes and hold your head with your fingertips. Apply circular pressure, moving from the forehead to the temple. Repeat several times. Apply even pressure to the temple and rotate in small, circular movements. Massage your neck and shoulder blades gently.

  • Help Me! I Have A Body Ache Curative Oil
    Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Help Me! I Have A Body Ache Curative Oil is formulated with essential oils of helichrysum, ginger, and sweet marjoram. This curative oil helps reduce tissue inflammation that causes stiffness in the joints and reduces muscle pain and irritation. Helichrysum essential oil has inflammatory properties that reduce muscle inflammation, swelling and pain whereas sweet marjoram helps ease and relax the muscles. Apply oil to the affected area. Massage gently on overworked muscles and joints to help arthritis and relieve pain. Repeat whenever required.

This Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic's Curative Oils are specially curated with essential oils that primarily focus on relaxing muscles and reducing inflammation in tissues. I have no side effects and promote the art of healing and holistic treatment of the body the natural way.