Following a skincare regime is a beneficial approach that you can include in your lifestyle to keep your skin healthy and glowing. We all try to make our skincare regimes best suitable and perfect for our skin. We add up the finest products in our skincare regime, however, sometimes it gets difficult to get the desired results. It is not necessary that your products are not giving you desired results but there could be certain other factors also that are damaging your skin. Following is a list of certain factors that could be the reasons for not getting the perfect skin even after following all the skincare steps:

  • Inadequate and Improper Cleansing
    Cleansing should be done at least twice a day. Once in the morning and also before going to bed are the two essential timings when the face cleansing should be done. Apart from this if you have encountered any dust, pollution, free radicals, etc cleanse your face after it also. Cleansing helps the skin pores from getting clogged due to the dust and dirt which eventually leads to breakouts, blackheads or whiteheads. While cleansing your face use regular water or lukewarm water and make sure to remove the product thoroughly from the face.

  • Using harsh products
    While adding any product to your skincare regime make sure to check the ingredients whether the formulation is suitable to your skin type or not. The more chemically enriched products can deteriorate the quality of the skin. Prefer using more naturally formulated products as such products are less harmful to the skin and maintain the well-being of the skin.

  • Skipping sun protection
    Harmful UV rays of the sun fall on the skin and go deep into the layers of skin, damaging collagen and melanin production which leads to sunburns, tanning, aging and further damage to the skin. Applying sunscreens or sunblocks can protect the skin from the harsh effects of the sun. Sunscreens and sunblocks form a protective layer on the skin protecting it from the sun's UV rays.

  • Applying excessive makeup
    When you apply excessive makeup or more frequently your skin becomes dead and dull. When makeup is left on the skin for long hours and applied frequently it can clog skin pores leading to dead and dull skin and can also cause premature aging and breakouts. Avoid applying heavy makeup every day and also do not leave the makeup for long hours. To remove makeup uses nourishing facial cleansers first and after removing makeup always do a CTOM so that your skin can regain and rejuvenate itself. 

  • Not moisturising adequately
    Skipping moisturisation is one of the major reasons that damages the skin. Moisturising the skin sufficiently can prevent signs of aging, multiple skin disorders, reduce the blemishes, keep it smooth and supple. Apply moisturiser every morning and night. Use a moisturiser enriched with nourishing and hydrating properties.

  • Not drinking sufficient water
    Apart from following a good skincare regime prepared with all good products, there is one factor that influences our skin very noticeably that is the consumption of water. For the desired glowing skin it is necessary to drink at least 2 to 4 liters of water in a day. You can also add some detox water to your diet.