Taking bath helps us mentally and physically instantly. Bathing cleanses your body, relaxes your mind and body, prevents sickness, and it also relieves the muscles. It removes toxins from the body and makes you fall asleep more easily and induces relaxed sleep. 

Bathing bars help to cleanse the skin, prevent bacterial infections, remove oil, dirt and impurities. Bathing bars enriched with wholesome ingredients nourish the skin and keep it hydrated. Following are some natural bathing that helps to enhance soaking and renewing the skin while bathing:

Bathing Bar Preparation at Home

  • Step 1 - To prepare soap it is usually recommended to use lye. Lye is a strong alkaline solution that can be hazardous to health. It releases fumes when heated and can be harmful to the eyes and mucous membrane. Prefer using a ready-made soap base available at the market.

    Melt the soap base by using the double boiler or in an oven.

  • Step 2 - Add fragrances such as rose, citrus, sandalwood, jasmine, etc. Also, add some butter after melting, shea butter or cocoa butter. Instead of butter, body oils can also be added to it. Adding essential oils to your bathing soap can give you a refreshing, soothing and relaxing bath every time you use it. You can add anyone essential oil or a blend of essential oils to the soap mixture, such as jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood, lavender, orange, rose, etc.

  • Step 3 - Mix all the ingredients well using a whisk and carefully pour the mixture into the silicone mold and let it get dry completely until it is hardened. Take out the bars from the mold and keep them safe in the glass jar. 

Natural Body Washes by Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic has a range of natural body washes enriched with a blend of various essential oils and natural extracts. This body wash range helps to enhance the process of soaking and renewing the skin while bathing. Body washes are suitable for cold climates and have comparatively less concentration of fragrances. A body wash is versatile and can come in handy when you travel. 

  1. 3 in 1 Orange Blossom Body Wash - This citrus enriched body wash has anti-inflammatory properties and heals the blemishes on the skin. It elevates the mood instantly, refreshes the mind and deeply nourishes the skin.

  2. 3 in 1 Jasmine Blossom Body WashEnriched with essential oil of jasmine and extracts of French marigold uplifts the confidence, reduces the effect of pollution. It helps in the deep cleansing of the skin and energies it.  

  3. 3 in 1 Plum Blossom Body Wash - Enriched with the goodness of plum extracts, it soothes sensitive and irritable skin and is an effective remedy for skin rashes. It enhances the skin suppleness and nourishes it.