There are so many factors that affect our skin in multiple ways, weather, diet, aging, pollution, sun, water content and type of products that we use. One factor that majorly and instantly affects our skin is the products that we use. Wrong products can deprive the quality of our skin to a great extent. Using or applying any products which are against the skin type can give an allergic reaction, patches, breakouts, blemishes and severe skin disorders. A skincare regime is a need of every skin type but if it is done with wrong products instead of serving benefits it can damage the skin even more.

Good skin care is important as it keeps the skin in good condition & beautiful. Our skin cells shed and a dead skin layer forms, so it's important to keep your skin healthy and glowing by daily skincare regime. An effective routine can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and help keep your skin youthful. Therefore it is important to identify our skin type to make sure that we choose the products and formulations that would work best for our skin.

Following are the skin types and their conditions:

  1. Normal Skin - Normal skin type is balanced skin that is neither too dry nor too oily. It is less prone to breakouts, flakiness or any type of skin damage. It is less porous and has a smooth skin texture. It is also less sensitive and mostly healthy skin which feels and looks fine. This is the type of skin that requires minimal skincare and it stays healthy with a moderate skincare regime. For the normal skin type, products that are more balanced and have good water content should always be used as they help to maintain the sebum level and pH balance of the skin.

  2. Oily Skin -  Oily skin has an excess of oil and sebum secretion by the pores The appearance of oily skin is shiny and greasy. Its pores are clogged due to the sebum, excess of oil, pollution and dust. Oily skin pores are enlarged and open due to which dead skin cells get accumulated on the skin causing blackheads, pimples and acne. Though oily skin is less prone to aging since the skin type is thicker therefore it is less prone to premature aging. Oily skin type requires those products which are more hydrating and remove the excess oil from the skin Oily skin should always use skin toner, avoid using alcoholic toner rather use natural toners it helps to keep the pores unclogged, clean and tighten them.

  3. Dry Skin - Dry skin type is a type of skin that has a sebum level and is flaky. This type of skin mostly feels stretchy, irritated and itchy. Dry skin has tiny pores which make it difficult to maintain the nourishment at the outer layer of the skin. Dry skin has fewer lipids due to which it gets difficult to retain the moisture level and form a protective layer on the skin. It is the most sensitive skin type that requires maximum skincare and with the right products. The type of products that are suitable to dry skin should be enriched with those ingredients which help in deep nourishment and moisturisation of the skin.

  4. Combination Skin - The most difficult type of skin is the combination skin type. It is dry at the cheeks and the T-zone that is the forehead, nose and chin area is oily. Therefore T-zone gets prone to blackheads and whiteheads. This skin type also has enlarged pores as compared to normal skin types and needs different skincare. People with this type of skin should be more careful while choosing the products and should always opt for those products which are specifically made for the combination skin type. A combination skin type requires those products which can balance the sebum and pH level of the skin.