We all yearn for the most flawless, blemish-free, and porcelain skin, but with the myriads of new skincare products that regularly enter the eclectic cosmetic industry, our skin care regime has turned rather baffling as many of us are left pondering about the right kind of skincare product that would suit our unique skin type.

However, fret not as we present to you a succinct and accurate, tee guide for choosing the best skincare products for yourself.

  • Choose according to your skin type

    Primarily one must figure out their skin type, which can be normal, oily, dry, or a combination of these, with some, even having extra sensitive skin. The care required for each of these greatly varied skin types is absolutely different and unique.

    While dry skin is best suited for heavy creams and ointments, shea butter, lactic acid, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and jojoba oil are some cardinal ingredients that are used in dry skin products for providing the extra nourishment and care that the skin requires.

    Unlike dry skin, the best skincare products for oily skin must be lightweight and should ideally have sunscreen as a key ingredient. Lastly, for sensitive skin, the skin care products must be chosen assiduously, and herein the rule of thumb is that the lesser the ingredients, the better the product. Some of the natural and appropriate ingredients for this skin type are chamomile, aloe vera, green tea, and also shea butter.

  • Check the ingredients and composition list

    One can't stress enough on meticulously checking the composition of a skincare product that you are eyeing for, as this alone gives us a lucid understanding of what the product would be like, and how would it impact our skin.

    Scan for all active ingredients that are usually listed in descending order and be wary of any allergies that you might be prone to against any of the specified ingredients. Also, the first five ingredients alone contribute to more than 80 percent of the product's formulation, however in case you are a novice, and find the product's composition list perplexing, please refrain from experimenting with your valuable skin, and refer to a credible website for checking the benefits and always make an informed choice.

  • Always Do A Patch Test

    Make sure to always test any new skin care product before including it in your daily skin care regime. Patch testing is a convenient way of checking for any kind of skin allergy that our unique skin type might react to, in case we abruptly use a new cosmetic, moisturizer, soap, or any topical medication. We must not put our valuable skin in sudden jeopardy as such new products can cause havoc on our skin, and hence patch testing is of paramount importance when choosing the right skin care product.

    Furthermore, another essential parameter is the manufacturing and expiration date of a skincare product, that as buyers we must look into, and should only consider the most sublime products that would benefit our skin types.