Body Pain Curative Oil

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HELP ME! I have body pain

I am an aromatherapy formulation made from the essential oils of Helichrysum, ginger and sweet marjoram. My potent blend of pure and natural oils help soothe sore muscles and reduces tissue inflammation that causes stiffness in the joints. You feel relaxed as the muscle ache becomes a mere memory. I am safe and natural with no side effects.

How to Use:

Apply oil on your head and temple. Close your eyes and hold your head with your fingertips. Apply circular pressure, moving from the forehead to the temple. Repeat several times. Apply even pressure to the temple and rotate in small, circular movements. You can also apply the oil on your stomach and gently rub it in the clockwise direction at least 7 times using your palms.

For effectiveness, while applying the oil, please repeat thrice "my muscles are flexible, light and strong. I experience life as a joyous dance".