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About the Product:

I am 100% free from parabens, petrochemicals, phtalates, toxic ingredients, artificial colouring, and fragrances. My hydrating fusion of cucumber extracts and aloe vera gel refreshes your skin, while the exotic extracts of horsetail & green tea complemented by gotu kola act as powerful antioxidant agents that firm and tighten your delicate skin. I am rich in essential oils of lavender and lemon that soothe puffy eyes and lighten the skin around the eyes and lips.


  • Reduces dark circle
  • Soothes puffy eyes
  • Lightens and refreshes skin
  • Firms and tightens the delicate skin

How to Use:

  • Apply around the eyes and massage gently with a fingertip.
  • Use every morning and night.

Disclaimer:  Use the ring finger for application and massage.


  • Extracts of cucumber, horsetail and green tea
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Essential oils of lavender and lemon

Impression on Life

The skin under your eyes is thinner and needs more attention than the skin anywhere else. It ages faster than the rest of your face. Eye gels are lightweight and are designed to combat puffiness and aging skin. Try our range of under-eye cream and gel which helps nourish and moisturise the skin around eyes.

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