Essential Oils are the botanical extracts of various plant materials such as flowers, herbs, roots, leaves, etc. Some essential oils give you emotional and mental healing while others provide you physical healing. The power of smell and fragrance works in myriad ways on a person's mind and body. Essential oil's soothing and relaxing aroma makes them suitable to use as natural perfumes. These aromatherapy-based oils are natural and pure. These oils help to keep you refreshed & relaxed thereby promoting healing. 


Essential oils can be used effectively through our sense of smell - in diffusers, candles, incense sticks, in our wardrobes, bed linen, potpourri, air conditioner ducts or just sprinkle on bowls of water kept around. The other way they are usually used is through massage, baths, compresses, or inhalations. When used in massage and bathing, essential oils are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. When inhaled the fine molecules of these oils pass through the skin directly into the bloodstream. 


Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic has a collection of essential oils that helps the mind, body, and soul to relax. One of the widely used essential oils is Ginger Essential Oil, it has many benefits that can make your day-to-day life relaxing and more pleasing.


Below are some of the uses of essential oils:


  • Improves Skin and Hair Health - Ginger essential oil is a boon for skin and hair. Its antioxidant properties can help protect the skin against free radicals and the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of ginger oil can help repair the appearance of the skin. It is also suitable for acne-prone skin.

    When applied to the skin help even skin tone, improve elasticity, and fade scars.   
    when applied to the hair or scalp, it can strengthen the strands, soothe itching and reduce dandruff. It can help the overall health of the hair. It promotes healthy hair growth, strengthens the roots, and decreases the split ends. 

  • Reduces Inflammations and Relieves Anxiety - Inflammation in a body is normal and occurs when the immune system surpasses and starts striking healthy body tissues, causing inflammation in healthy areas of the body, bloating, swelling, pain and discomfort. Ginger essential oil is reliable for its anti-inflammatory properties provides pain relief and treats muscle aches, arthritis, migraines, and headaches. 

    Ginger essential oil is capable to relieve feelings of anxiety, nervousness, unhappiness, and fatigue. The relieving quality of ginger essential oil serves as a sleep resource and promotes feelings of fearlessness and comfort. It also helps to treat emotional problems and lack of self-confidence or motivation.

  • Use it to treat digestion - Ginger essential oil is one of the best natural remedies for indigestion, stomachaches, and vomiting. Ginger oil is also effective as a nausea treatment. It is also effective in reducing stress and nausea uneasiness. 

  • Treats Infections - Ginger essential oil acts as an antiseptic treatment that destroys infections and illnesses caused by microorganisms and bacteria. This includes several infections related to the stomach, and to some extent food poisoning.

  • Treats Respiratory Issues - Ginger essential oil removes phlegm from the throat and lungs, and it’s also a natural remedy for colds, the flu, coughs, and breathing issues. Ginger essential oil is also beneficial for asthmatic patients to some extent. Problems caused by pollution, obesity, infections, allergies, exercise, stress, or hormonal imbalances can be dealt, with the help of this essential oil. Because of ginger essential oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces swelling.