Cancellation & Return Policy


Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic wishes that our customers never cancel or return products. At the same time, we would be there to help you whenever you do so due to certain circumstances. As a first step we are laying out our cancellation and return policy to take care of your hassles.

How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel an order only if it has not yet been shipped.

If the order has been shipped, but not yet received by you, you cannot cancel it online. Please contact our Customer Care Executive on +91 98116 42820 to cancel the order and do not accept the shipment when it arrives at your address.You cannot cancel an order once the products have been delivered to you.  

Can I partially cancel an order?

No, it is not possible. You will have to cancel the complete order and place a new order.


Can I only keep some of the products at the time of delivery and return remaining products?
No, this is not allowed as per Company’s norms

What is the process for returning the wrong/damaged products?

Please get in touch with us on or talk to our Customer Care Executive on +91 98116 42820 in case you wish to return your orders. Please report within 48 hours of receiving the orders. You will have to send the products back to us through courier. Courier charges will be borne by the Company. Once we receive the products and verify these, we will ship the right products to you as per your initial order

Is there anything else I should know while returning a product?

You should return the product in same condition as it was received by you with intact product packaging, labels and bar codes. We will be able to process the refund once the return shipment is received by us and verified.   

How much time does it take to process the refund?

In case of cancellation before shipment, we process the refund within one week's time.

In case of cancellation post shipment or returns, we process the refund once the products have been received by us and verified. In such cases, the refunds would be processed within 10 days' time from receipt of products by us.

If you paid through credit card / debit card / bank account, it may take another 5-7 business days for the amount to reflect in your account.