Let’s be honest! Isn’t getting out of bed on winter mornings one of the toughest things to do? We are almost always running late for our work, college, etc. And amidst all the hurry and chaos, we often forget to take care of our skin. Somehow, we manage to take a shower (with lukewarm water, of course), get into our clothes, and just take off for the day.

Well, skipping your skincare routine, especially moisturisers and body lotions, can be a big mistake for your skin in winter. Because cold air has less moisture, it can make your skin more prone to dryness and flakiness. Keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out is the key to preventing dry winter skin. While drinking water can help replenish moisture in the skin, it is also essential to apply hydrating products topically for healthy & glowing skin in winter.

In this blog, we’ve curated a list of our top face moisturisers and body lotions for keeping the skin soft and supple in winter.

5 Best Hydrating Moisturisers & Body Lotions to Prevent Dry Skin

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic has a wide range of aromatherapy-based face creams, moisturisers, and body lotions for winter. All these winter care products are 100% natural and do not contain artificial colours or fragrances.

  1. Honey & Shea Butter Body Lotion
    Key benefit: 24-hr moisturisation with a single application

    Tired of reapplying body lotion throughout the day to keep your skin moisturised? Then, Aroma Magic Honey & Shea Butter Body Lotion is what your skin needs. It is one of the best body lotions for winter.

    Enriched with a blend of Honey and Shea Butter, this body lotion helps keep your skin soft and supple all day long. While honey is a humectant and helps draw moisture to the skin, shea butter is an emollient that keeps that moisture trapped in your skin. This body lotion keeps dry winter skin at bay and softens skin texture.

    Bonus benefit: It also has SPF 25 and protects your skin against sunburn.

  2. Almond Moisturising Lotion
    Key benefit:
    seals moisture in the skin

    This one is formulated with the goodness of almonds and is the best moisturiser for dry skin in winter. Almonds are natural emollients and contain healthy fats that help keep the skin soft, hydrated, and supple. It is also a rich source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that fights free radical damage and keeps the skin healthy.

  3. Cold Cream
    Key benefit: relieves dryness & itchiness

    Winter without cold cream can be a nightmare. Cold creams are one of the most essential winter skin care products.

    Aroma Magic Cold Cream contains an exotic blend of shea butter, glycerin, aloe vera, and lavender essential oil. It is a multi-purpose cream for winter that keeps the skin hydrated and relieves dryness and itchiness. You can also use this cold cream for dry elbows and knees and as a lip balm for chapped lips.

  4. Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Body Cream
    Key benefit:
    nourishes & improves skin elasticity

    Body creams have a richer texture than body lotions and work great for extremely dry winter skin. Aroma Magic Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Body Cream is the best body moisturiser for winter. While cocoa butter nourishes the skin, vanilla leaves your body smelling heavenly.

    Not only does this body cream keep your skin moisturised, but also younger-looking. The exotic blend of Vetiver and Frankincense essential oils helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and treat skin inflammation. Using this body cream as a part of your daily routine can improve skin elasticity and fade stretch marks.

  5. Almond Nourishing Cream
    Key benefit:
    anti-wrinkle face cream

    Another winter care product that has almonds as the main ingredient (you see, how good almonds are for your skin). Aroma Magic Almond Nourishing Cream is one of the best face moisturisers for ageing, dry skin. Besides being an excellent natural moisturiser, almonds also have anti-ageing properties. It replenishes the skin with nutrients and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This face cream is the secret to getting super-soft skin in winter.

When to Apply Moisturisers for the Best Results?

Moisturising and healthy skin go hand-in-hand. Knowing when to apply a face moisturiser and body lotion can help maximise their benefits.

Here are two optimal times to apply moisturisers and body lotions in winter:

  • AM and PM Skincare Routine
    Applying a face moisturiser as a part of your morning and night skin care routine is essential. You must use a moisturiser after cleansing, toning, and applying serum. Moisturising should be followed by sunscreen application.

  • After shower or washing your face
    Never apply a moisturiser on completely dry skin. A hydrating moisturiser or body lotion works best when applied on damp skin. It helps in the better absorption of the product.

    Ideally, you must apply a body lotion on damp skin after a shower. We also recommend using a face moisturiser every time your face comes in contact with water (even if you are just rinsing your face without a cleanser or a face wash). It prevents your skin from drying out. This becomes especially important in winter when your skin is already at risk of getting dry because of the cold weather.


Moisturising plays a vital role in getting healthy & glowing skin in winter. Each of the top 5 face moisturisers and body lotions listed in this blog brings unique benefits to the table, catering to different skin needs. These moisturisers and lotions will prevent dry winter skin and keep your skin hydrated in the dry cold months.