Let’s assume that your best friend is getting married in a week and asks his gym instructor for some advice on weight loss. The latter recommends drinking green tea for weight loss every day.

Or let’s say your sister goes to her doctor for a routine checkup and asks her about a diet plan to stay healthy & fit. She recommends green tea, too.

These are two entirely different situations with one common thing – green tea. There are many benefits of green tea that make it one of the most versatile ingredients. It may help burn fat, stimulate brain function, manage cholestrol, reduce the risk of heart diseases, and strengthen immunity.

In the past few years, this super beverage has also become a popular ingredient in the beauty care and cosmetics industry for its wide range of benefits for the skin. Both drinking green tea and using green tea-infused skin care products can give you healthy & radiant skin.

Read this blog to learn about the benefits of green tea for skin & how you can make it a part of your skin care routine.

What Makes Green Tea Beneficial for Skin?

Green Tea is a rich source of plant-based polyphenols that help keep the skin healthy. Catechins make up the majority of polyphenols in it and have strong antioxidant properties.

Being a powerhouse of antioxidants, it helps fight free radicals that break down collagen in your body and result in fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and saggy skin. Antioxidants not only have anti-ageing properties but also help brighten the skin, protect it from UV damage, and keep it hydrated.

While drinking green tea has many benefits, topical application is a better way to give your skin the benefits of catechins. This is why skin care products like green tea face masks, face packs, serums, and cleansers have become increasingly popular these days.

It also contains caffeine, another antioxidant that keeps the skin bright and smooth and helps improve elasticity.

5 Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

Green tea is safe for all skin types and can have many benefits when applied topically. Here are 5 benefits of green tea for skin:

  • Prevents Premature Ageing
    If you see early signs of ageing, like fine lines and wrinkles on your face, free radical damage is the main culprit you should put to blame.

    Since Green Tea is rich in caffeine and catechins that have antioxidant properties, it can help undo free radical damage and reduce premature fine lines and wrinkles. Using green tea on face can help in cell renewal and repair, resulting in smooth skin. It improves elasticity and keeps the skin tight & firm.

  • Fades Blemishes
    Green tea is abundant in many vitamins, including vitamins E, C, and A. Vitamin C helps heal blemishes & age spots, fade hyperpigmentation, and even out the skin tone.

  • Reduces inflammation
    Thanks to the presence of polyphenols like catechins, green tea doesn’t just have antioxidants but also has anti-inflammatory properties. It has a soothing effect on the skin and helps reduce redness, itching, and swelling.

  • Brightens
    Green tea is one of the best ways to detoxify the skin. It can help flush out toxins from your body and enhance your natural glow. Its caffeine content also contributes to skin brightening and helps reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

  • Hydrates
    Green tea contains vitamin E, which is both a humectant and an emollient. It can draw in moisture from the surroundings as well as help seal it within your skin. It has a hydrating and moisturising effect on the skin.

How to Make Green Tea a Part of Face Care Routine?

Using skin care products with green tea is the easiest yet effective way to give your skin the goodness of this antioxidant powerhouse. Aroma Magic Insta Radiance Green Tea Face Pack is a 100% natural face pack enriched with green tea extracts, aloe vera, beeswax, jojoba oil, and a blend of essential oils.

Our green tea face pack gives you all the abovementioned benefits and keeps your skin healthy & glowing. Here’s how to use green tea face pack in your face care routine:

Step 1: Cleanse your face and apply toner. Let it be absorbed.
Step 2: Apply a thin layer of the face pack. Rinse off gently after 15 minutes.
Step 3: Moiturise your face.
Step 4: Apply sunscreen.

You can use this face pack as a part of your weekly routine, i.e., once a week.

Summing Up

Green tea is a natural ingredient that has many benefits for your overall well-being as well as your skin. It contains potent antioxidants that give you a healthy and youthful complexion. While drinking green tea is part of a healthy lifestyle, you should also use green tea-infused skin care products to reap its benefits for your skin.