The dark patches on the face that you see in the mirror is due to pigmentation. Pigmentation on the skin is caused due to the accelerated production of melanin in the skin. There are many reasons for pigmentation like genetics, hormonal changes, allergic reactions, and hair removal practices that can cause pigmentation, but the biggest reason is the sun. Exposure to the sun causes rapid multiplication on melanocytes.

Aroma Magic introduces a collection for anti-pigmentation that helps to reduce blemishes and keeps your skin nourished and smooth. This collection of products recommended for Anti Pigmentation contains essential oils that prevent aging, promote elasticity, reduces blemished and calms the skin. The Vitamin E helps to neutralize the effects of UV radiation, repairs the skin and prevents the formation of future dark spots

The collection for anti-pigmentation consists of Vitamin C Skin Lightening Gel, Vitamin E Night Cream, Anti Pigmentation Glossy Pack, Anti Pigmentation Concentrate.