Sun Protection

Sun gives life and warmth, but it can be your worst enemy too. Every time you go for a walk, run to the mall or go to work without any sun protection it increases the risk of skin cancer along with sunburn, sun tanning skin pigmentation and premature aging of the skin. 

Aroma Magic introduces a collection for sun protection which provides safety against the harshness of the sun.  This collection of products recommended for Sun Protection contains essential oils that protect skin against UV damage, prevents aging, promotes elasticity, cools and soothes sunburn. It contains Vitamin B5, C, and E which keeps your skin hydrated helps to prevent dark spots and pigmentation and reduces UV damages to the skin leaving your skin nourished and protected from the sun.

The collection for sun protection consists of Sunblock Lotion, Vitamin C Skin Lightening Gel, Aloe Vera Sunscreen Gel, Cucumber Sunscreen Lotion, Carrot Sunscreen lotion, and Sunlite Spray