You wake up every morning, feeling lazy, not wanting to get up and go to work. Somehow, you manage to get up. You brush your teeth and take a shower, hoping it will wash away all the laziness and brace you up for the day. But does it? Most likely, no!

Imagine indulging yourself in an energising bath experience every morning as you wake up! A shower routine that leaves your body and mind revitalised in the morning. Sounds amazing? Well, it’s possible with the therapeutic goodness of essential oils.

Adding essential oils to your shower routine can boost your energy, relax your mind, and elevate your mood. But which essential oils should you use in your bath water? You are going to find that out in this blog today. Keep reading to learn about the best essential oils for bath and their benefits.

Dive in as a relaxing bath experience awaits you!

How to Use Essential Oils for Bath?

You take a bucket of water (or fill water in a bathtub), add a few drops of essential oils to it, and just start throwing the water all over you. Is that it? Is this the right way to use essential oils for a relaxing bath? Well, not really.

First, you must note that not all essential oils are ideal for a bath. Spice essential oils like clove, cinnamon, and ginger, or oils like peppermint and juniper berry, might irritate your skin and should be avoided.

Second, you must dilute the essential oils. Essential oils are highly potent and water-insoluble. If you add them directly to water, they will sit on the top and stick to your skin, which might have the same effect as undiluted essential oils. As a general rule, dilute 5 to 10 drops of an essential oil with 1 tbsp. of a carrier oil to prepare a relaxing bath.

Third, ensure that you do not use hot water for bathing. As relaxing as a hot water bath might be, it can strip the skin of its natural oils and leave it dry and dehydrated. Use lukewarm water. Also, add essential oils only after the bucket/bathtub has been filled with water.

Best Essential Oil Blends for Bath Routine & their Benefits

An aromatic, therapeutic bath has many benefits for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Here are a few essential oil blends that will help relax your body, rejuvenate your skin, soothe your muscles, calm your mind, and improve overall wellness:

  1. Essential oil blend for relaxation
    3 drops Lavender essential oil + 2 drops Ylang essential oil + 2 drops Petitgrain essential oil + 1 tbsp. Jojoba oi

    lThis is one of the best blends for preparing a relaxing bath. Lavender essential oil is known for its calming effects and ability to create a relaxing atmosphere. Combining it with the soothing properties of Ylang Ylang and the mood-uplifting benefits of Petitgrain helps reduce stress and anxiety.

  2. Essential oil blend for moisturising dry skin
    2 drops Geranium essential oil + 2 drops Sandalwood essential oil + 2 drops Rose essential oil + 1 tbsp. Coconut oil

    Using the right combination of essential oils in your bath water can also help moisturise your skin without causing any irritation. Geranium and Sandalwood are two of the most effective essential oils for dry skin. Both these aromatherapy oils can keep your skin well-hydrated and have anti-ageing properties. Rose essential oil is another amazing choice for dryness and sensitivity. Together, these three essential oils help nourish your skin and calm irritation and inflammation.

  3. Essential oil blend for better sleep
    3 drops Jasmine essential oil + 2 drops Neroli essential oil + 3 drops Ylang essential oil + 1 tbsp. Grapeseed oil

    Tossing & turning at night? Stress keeping you up all night? Prepare yourself a relaxing bath with Jasmine, Neroli, and Ylang essential oils. All these essential oils have sedative properties that can help relax your mind and nerves, inducing good sleep.

  4. Essential oil blend for spiritual rejuvenation
    3 drops Frankincense essential oil + 2 drops Patchouli essential oil + 3 drops Sandalwood essential oil + 1 tbsp. Grapeseed oil

    These days, many people are turning to essential oils to enhance their meditation practice. Essential oils can clear your mind and help you focus. Frankincense is known to have a grounding effect and helps promote clarity of thought. Patchouli is another widely used essential oil for spiritual awakening. It helps improve your concentration power. When used together, Frankincense, Patchouli, and Sandalwood can help in spiritual healing.

  5. Essential oil blend for muscle pain
    3 drops of Cedarwood essential oil + 2 drops of Cypress essential oil + 2 drops of Clary Sage essential oil + Castor oil

    Whether your muscles are strained from a strenuous workout session or you feel tired after a hectic day, an aromatic bath with essential oils can help. Clary sage essential oil can help reduce muscle tension and relieve pain. The potent anti-inflammatory properties of Cedarwood essential oil make it an effective remedy for joint pain and tissue inflammation.

Using the above aromatherapy blends is one way to get the multiple benefits of essential oils in your bath routine. But you can also try using bath products infused with essential oils. Aroma Magic has a wide range of aromatherapy-based, natural body washes enriched with the goodness of essential oils. From relaxing your mind to treating acne, these body washes can elevate your shower routine and improve your holistic well-being.


There are many benefits of incorporating essential oils into your bath routine. An aromatherapy-powered bath has the transformative power to elevate an everyday ritual into a holistic experience that nurtures both body and mind. It can improve your health, boost your energy, and give you an escape from the everyday stresses of life.