Moisturisers are vital in skincare routines, even for those with oily skin. Despite the misconception that oily skin doesn't need additional hydration, it's important to recognise that oily skin still requires proper care. These help maintain the skin's natural moisture balance. Excess sebum production in oily skin can result in a shiny, greasy appearance. However, this surplus oil does not fulfill the skin's hydration needs. By using a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser tailored for oily skin, you can provide the necessary hydration without adding extra oil to the skin.

Moisturisers create a protective barrier on the skin's surface. Oily skin is prone to external factors such as pollution, dirt, and UV rays, which can damage the skin. A well-formulated moisturiser acts as a shield, preventing these harmful elements from penetrating the skin and causing further harm. These can help regulate oil production. Applying a suitable moisturiser signal to the skin that it is adequately hydrated, assisting in balancing oil production over time. By incorporating a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser into your skincare routine, you can maintain a healthy and balanced skin.

Type of Moisturiser for Oily Skin

Gel-based moisturisers have a lightweight texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin. This formulation ensures that the moisturiser doesn't feel heavy or greasy on oily skin, which is already prone to excess oil production. The lightweight nature of gel-based moisturisers allows for a comfortable and non-greasy feel on the skin.

Gel-based moisturisers often have a water-based formulation. Unlike oil-based moisturisers, which can further contribute to the oiliness of the skin, gel-based moisturisers provide hydration without adding additional oil. They help to balance the skin's moisture levels without clogging the pores or leaving a heavy residue.

Additionally, these moisturisers often contain ingredients such as hydrating ingredients, which are known for their hydrating and soothing properties. These ingredients help to replenish moisture in the skin and calm any potential inflammation or redness. Furthermore, these are effective in controlling shine and mattifying the skin. They can help to regulate oil production and minimise the appearance of enlarged pores, creating smoother and more refined skin.

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Juniper Berry Oil Free Moisturiser

The Juniper Berry Oil-Free Moisturiser is a multitasking lotion that offers SPF 15 protection while providing hydration and brightness to the skin. This moisturiser is specially formulated to regulate the skin's oil levels, making it ideal for oily skin types. Its lightweight gel formula absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue. Not only does it moisturise, but it also aids in healing acne and reducing the appearance of blemishes. With regular use, this non-greasy moisturiser leaves the skin nourished, revitalised, and visibly brighter.

It is formulated with a blend of hydrating and nourishing ingredients such as extracts of juniper berry and cucumber, as well as essential oils of patchouli and lemongrass. Additionally, aloe vera juice and jojoba oil are included to provide additional hydration and nourishment to the skin. This moisturiser is specifically designed to offer oil-free hydration while delivering the benefits of these natural ingredients, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalised.

How to Use:

  • Gently massage the gel onto your skin.
  • Use daily after cleansing, toning & oiling the skin, morning and night.
  • Use as frequently as the skin needs some extra care.

Moisturising is one of the major steps in the daily skincare regime. Irrespective of what type of skin you have, you need to use the most suitable cream or lotion to make your skin stay hydrated and keep it soft, supple, comfortable, and attractive.