There are few things more common than grey hair these days! Hair greying can start at an early age. While some people love flaunting their greys, others look for solutions to cover them. And whatever you choose to do is completely fine! It’s your hair, after all!

However, if you do decide to cover your greys and colour them, there is one thing that is definitely not fine – chemical hair dyes! When colouring your hair, you should always opt for natural hair dyes. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic brings you natural Henna Powder that not only helps cover your greys, but also nourishes them.

Why Should You Choose Natural Henna Powder?

Using chemical hair dyes to cover your greys can make your hair more prone to damage. Here are a few chemicals used in most chemical hair dyes:

  • PPD: While PPD is a very efficient hair colourant, it can cause severe damage to your hair. It can result in skin irritation, inflammation, and dermatitis.

  • Ammonia: Ammonia can alter the pH level of your scalp irreversibly. It makes your hair dry & brittle and more prone to hair breakage.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide: This chemical can damage the hair cuticles that protect your hair strands. It makes your hair more vulnerable to damage, resulting in hair loss.

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Henna is a 100% natural henna powder free of all these chemicals. Keep reading to know about the benefits of this henna powder for hair & how to use it for the best results.

Benefits of Aroma Magic Natural Henna Hair Dye

The benefits of our natural henna powder go beyond just being a hair colourant. Here are some benefits of Aroma Magic Henna that make it a great addition to your hair care routine:

  • Gentle Hair Colourant
    Aroma Magic natural henna powder is a healthy alternative to chemical hair dyes. It is enriched with nourishing ingredients that give your hair a beautiful colour without damaging it. 
  • Promotes Scalp Health
    Natural henna powder is cooling by nature and has antifungal and anti-microbial properties that help soothe an itchy scalp and keep dandruff and other infections at bay. Aroma Magic Henna also contains Fenugreek powder that helps improve the overall health of your scalp.
  • Moisturises & Conditions
    Henna Powder is a natural hair conditioner. It seals hair cuticles which helps retain moisture and keeps your hair moisturised. Aroma Magic mehndi for hair is also enriched with Aloe Vera extracts that keep your scalp & hair hydrated.
  • Boosts Hair Growth & Prevents Hair Fall
    Our Henna strengthens hair follicles and helps prevent hair fall. This natural henna hair dye contains a combination of Shikakai, Green Tea, and Fenugreek which helps promote hair growth and keep your hair healthy.
  • Adds Shine
    Our Henna hair colour also contains Hibiscus powder. Hibiscus is a source of Keratin that helps improve hair texture and adds shine.

How to Apply Henna for Hair?

Henna should be applied to clean hair. Here are the steps to use Henna at home for dyeing and nourishing your hair:

  1. Mix Aroma Magic natural henna powder with warm water to make henna paste. Use 50-70 g of Henna Powder if you have short hair and 100 g if you have long hair.

    Tip: You can also use coffee water or tea water for a deeper colour. In summer, you can consider adding curd because of its cooling properties. Curd is also an excellent hair conditioner.

  2. Part your hair into a few sections and apply the henna paste.

    Tip: Covering your hair with a shower cap will ensure that the henna stays warm. It will provide better conditioning and colour. 

  3. Leave it on for 30 minutes.

    Tip: You can leave the henna on for longer than 30 minutes for maximum colour.

  4. Wash your hair. You can rinse it off with water or use a mild natural hair shampoo, followed by a hair conditioner.

    Tip: While using a shampoo to wash off henna is safe, we recommend using a shampoo and conditioner after 24-48 hours of rinsing if you want a deep colour.

If you want to colour your hair at home without risking any damage, using natural henna powder is your safest bet! Give Aroma Magic Henna a try, and you’ll fall in love with its many benefits for hair. Shop our natural henna powder from and use code VANITY20 to get Flat 20% OFF.



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