Visiting a salon feels like a royal treatment for the skin, isn’t it? No matter how much effort you put into your skin care routine at home, the results after salon treatments are always better. Well, while it has to do a lot with professional experts who perform miracles on your skin with exceptional skills, there’s another secret to it – the magic of professional beauty products!

The good news is that now you can experience the benefits of professional beauty care at your home with Aroma Magic Pro Range. From aromatherapy-based cleansers and toners to lotions and face packs, our Pro Range has a wide array of products for different skin types and concerns.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of professional beauty products and how to choose the best one for your skin.

Benefits of Professional Beauty Products

Undoubtedly, all Aroma Magic products are curated with the expertise of aromatherapy legend Dr. Blossom Kochhar. But, our professional salon beauty products have a few advantages that set them apart from regular consumer skin care products.

Here are the top 2 benefits of professional skin care products:

  • More effective
    Professional beauty products usually contain a higher concentration of active ingredients. Compared to regular skin care products, a smaller amount of salon beauty products is required to achieve the desired results. These results last longer and are more noticeable.

  • Advanced formulations for customised skin care
    Aroma Magic salon beauty products have been formulated after extensive research and development to provide targeted solutions to skin problems. These custom skin care products offer more specialised care for a person’s skin needs.

Tips for Choosing Aroma Magic Professional Skin Care Products

Aroma Magic Pro Range has a wide array of aromatherapy-based professional skin care products. One look at this range might leave you confused about which ones to buy for your skin needs. Not to worry!

To simplify your task, we have listed 5 significant factors to consider when choosing a product from our Pro Range.

  • Skin type: Knowing your skin type is an essential prerequisite for buying skin care products. Not doing so can not only prevent you from achieving the desired results, but also result in unwanted skin problems.

    If you have an oily skin type, gel-based products will work wonders for your skin. Aroma Magic Hydro Gel deeply moisturises oily skin without making it greasy. It is enriched with a blend of Seaweed gel, vitamin E, and plant-based Squalane that help seal moisture in the skin.

    On the other hand, our Dew Berry Cleanser is the best cleanser for dry skin from our Pro Range. This soap-free cleanser removes impurities and makeup from the skin while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture.

  • Skin concern: Just like a treatment meant for a headache won’t cure your stomach ache, a skin care product for acne won’t really work for pigmentation. It is essential to choose products as per your skin concerns to keep your skin healthy.

    For instance, if you have sensitive skin, we recommend using our Seaweed Therapy Pack. Seaweed has anti-inflammatory properties, making it excellent for sensitive skin. It also contains zinc and magnesium that can help soothe redness and irritated skin.

    Aroma Magic Ultra Glow Lotion is the best pro skin care product for glowing skin. It is enriched with essential oils of Rose and Geranium and is suitable for all skin types. This lotion evens out your skin tone and brightens the skin like never before.

  • Ingredients: A smart skin care shopper is also a good researcher. Before buying any product, check its ingredients and determine whether its benefits align with your skin goals.

    If your goal is to achieve hydrated & moisturised skin, a product infused with Aloe Vera would be a great addition to your skin care routine. Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel is infused with a blend of Rose, Patchouli, and Chamomile essential oils. This gel is your go-to solution for keeping your skin nourished & hydrated.

  • Patch test: While the higher concentration of active ingredients makes professional salon beauty products more effective, it might also irritate the skin. While Aroma Magic Pro Range products are gentle on the skin, patch testing is recommended before use.

  • Seek professional advice: When in doubt, you can reach out to professional beauty experts for beauty advice. Aroma Magic offers you a free expert consultation service. Our experts answer all your questions and recommend the best products for your skin needs.

If you’re someone who has been following a regular skin care routine for quite some time now, giving professional skin care products a try can be good for your skin. Professional beauty products will help you take your skin care game a notch higher, offering a premium beauty experience from the comfort of your home.

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