Organic oils are best known for nourishing your skin and hair. The word ‘nourish’ in its literal meaning isn’t just limited to taking care of your skin and hair. It is about feeding your inner being the nuances of self-care. This is when organic oils help you in the journey of care and nourishment.

What are Organic Oils?

More often than not, we keep hearing or coming across the word 'organic’. The term 'organic' refers to an overarching system encompassing farming, minimizing the use of synthetic practices, and contributing towards long-term sustainability. An organic oil is one that has been produced from plants or herbs. Derived from plants, seeds, and nuts, these liquid wonders offer a plethora of benefits that extend far beyond mere skincare. Join me on a journey to explore the enchanting realm of organic oils and discover why they have become the go-to elixirs for radiant living. The use of natural oils for skin and hair has been around since time immemorial.

Types of Organic Oils and Their Benefits

  1. Olive Oil: Olive oil is more than a super kitchen ingredient. Popularly known as liquid gold. This organic oil is worth its weight in gold, as it offers numerous benefits. Olive oil, with its goodness of Vitamins A, D, E, and K, antioxidants, and hydrating squalene, makes it work well for skin and hair. Aroma Magic Organic Olive Oil can be your best friend to keep your skin wrinkle-free. It is the perfect oil to keep your skin firm and toned.

    How to use it?
    You can easily mix it with your choice of essential oils for a head-and-body massage. You can also take a few drops of the oil and gently massage your face.

  2. Almond Oil: If you have dry skin, then Aroma Magic Almond Oil is the remedy for you. Being lightweight and non-sticky, it quickly gets absorbed into our skin. It lightens dark spots and blemishes. Almond oil, being rich in Vitamin E, tackles pigmentation, dark patches, and sallow skin. It works effectively to remove dark circles and saggy under-eye skin.

    How to use it?
    It works best when you use it before bedtime. If you aspire to have strong and silky locks, a good hair massage before bedtime is recommended. You can also add a tablespoon to your bath water.

  3. Castor Oil: This organic oil comes from the beans of the castor plant. As a skin conditioning agent, it can make your skin soft and supple. You must have heard your grandmother talk about the many benefits of castor oil for pretty much everything under the sun. We have Aroma Magic Organic Castor Oil, which is packed with a ton of antibacterial properties. It is packed with natural antioxidants that actively support keratin in the hair. When used regularly, it can spur hair growth at twice the usual rate. Castor oil is extremely beneficial for your skin, from soothing acne breakouts to hydrating the skin.

    How to use it?
    You can add a few drops of the oil to your hair conditioner for smoother hair. You can mix it with your choice of essential oils for a face and body massage.

  4. Grapeseed Oil: If you are looking for an oil that helps with body massage, then we have for you, Aroma Magic Grapeseed Oil. This organic oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes. Its excellent properties help tone the skin and fight ageing.

    How to use it?
    When the onset of winter is gradually approaching. This organic vegetable oil might be your best option. It can be combined with your choice of essential oils for a face and body massage. Its thin composition facilitates easy skin absorption. 

Final Takeaways

Nothing works better than adding a dose of organic oils to your daily beauty routine. These natural oils, being nature-derived, have no harmful effects on your skin or hair. If you are looking to experiment or add some variety to your beauty and wellness routine, we would highly recommend you check out our range of organic oils according to your needs and preferences.