Still worried about brightening your face? Are you one of those people who only cares about their face and not the rest of their body parts? Did you know that the frequent exposure of our hands and feet to the environment might cause problems with pigmentation, dullness, or darkening? Bright, young-looking hands and feet are not only aesthetically pleasing but also increase self-confidence, so we should take care of them.

Additionally, you can accomplish this at home with a few easy-to-follow natural remedies and natural care products. We'll look at how to use easily available ingredients to brighten your hands and feet in this article.

Why is hand care as important as face care?

Because the skin on your hands is among the first to age, hand care is essential. The back of your hand has thin, sensitive skin that is susceptible to a variety of environmental stresses that can hasten the ageing process. Additionally, frequent washing dehydrates your hands. For this reason, it's crucial to use a mild hand wash, like Aroma Magic Hand Wash, which will keep your hands healthy and soft while also cleaning, disinfecting, and protecting them.

Ignoring foot care is a bad thing

Since the foot is regarded as an essential component of the body, most people tend to overlook issues that may arise. Our feet are frequently ignored and ranked lower on the priority list than our face, lips, and skin. You should take care of your "overburdened feet" on a daily basis, just as you wouldn't go a day without having a bath. You should devote some time to foot care in addition to your well-groomed appearance, skincare routine, and cologne. You can use Aroma Magic Foot Cream for that, as it softens and moisturises the feet while also healing cracks and preventing odours by sinking deep into the skin.

How You Can Brighten Your Hands and Feet at Home

  1. Coffee and coconut oil scrub
    Because of the warmth, rubbing hands elicits a psychological desire to heal the damaged area, which is a terrific first step towards self-healing. Add 1/2 cup of coffee grinds, 1/4 cup of Aroma Magic coconut oil, and 2 tablespoons of water to form this homemade paste. Create a thick paste, then rub it on your hands and feet for five to ten minutes, then wipe it off. After that, you can observe the positive effects. If you're searching for something quick and simple, try Aroma Magic Coffee Bean Scrub, which contains organic coffee arabica powder, honey, and green coffee bean extract for exfoliation, deep cleaning, and circulation improvement. It is the ideal product for hand care and foot care.

  2. Honey and coconut moisturising soak
    Coconut milk's and honey's moisturising qualities will leave you feeling pampered. In a small tub of boiling water, dissolve the coconut and honey to produce this soak. After adding the mixture to the water tub gradually, mix in the cinnamon powder. After soaking your hands and feet for ten to fifteen minutes, rinse them with water. The healthy amount of moisture on your hands and feet is visible.

  3. DeTan paste
    Most of us have an uneven skin tone because of differing degrees of exposure to sunlight. You can tackle this issue at home as well. For that, you need milk, salt, and lemon juice to make a paste. First, heat the milk and add in a pinch of salt and a dash of lemon juice. Mix all three ingredients well, and apply them to your feet. Rub and massage your feet, making sure that the mixture gets blended into your skin. Keep the mixture on for 15-20 minutes, and wash it off with lukewarm water.

  4. Olive Oil for Smooth Feet
    Olive oil is a fantastic skin moisturiser in addition to being a healthy cooking oil. Your feet feel supple and silky after using it. For optimal effects, however, it should not be applied topically; there is a specific technique to use it. A ball of cotton needs to be soaked in Aroma Magic Olive Oil in a dish. Next, for twenty to twenty-five minutes, gently massage your feet with this moistened ball in a circular manner. Put on socks and wear them for an hour while the oil is still on your feet. After an hour, carefully take the socks off your feet and use warm water to wash away the oil. Do this twice a month. This oil will moisturise your dry skin, keep it firm and toned, and also help repair sun damage.


You may get brighter, more youthful-looking hands and feet by including these homemade remedies in your skincare routine and adhering to the maintenance tips. Recall that persistence is essential and that it could take some time to see effects. Exercise patience and enjoy the self-care journey.