Dark circles don’t appear overnight; it comes because of improper care for a longer time. It has become a common problem among people now and it has become difficult to find the cause and the treatment correctly. Inadequate sleep, excessive use of laptops or phones, lack of nutrients in the body, dehydration, smoking, alcohol, medication, aging, stress and hyperpigmentation are major factors that lead to dark circles. Even the kids are prone to dark circles due to the lack of nutrients, genes, and extreme use of blue light devices. Changing the routine. diet and water intake can fasten the process of treating the dark circles.

The skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive. One has to be very careful before using any product over these areas. It is best to treat the problem around these areas with natural remedies or products that are prepared with natural extracts. If you are facing the problem of dark circles because of any of the above-mentioned reasons try any one of the remedies mentioned below. Always do a patch test before applying.

  • Potato Slice or Potato Juice: Take a few slices of potato or you can grate a potato and squeeze out the juice of it. For 15 to 20 minutes keep the slices onto the eyes changing after every 5 minutes. Alternatively, soak 4 cotton pads into the potato juice. Remove the excess juice and keep one set of cotton pads onto the eyes. After 10 minutes remove those pads and put up another fresh set for 10 minutes. Potato has natural bleaching and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling, inflammation and give a calming effect. It also helps to fade away the darker areas around the eyes.

  • Organic Almond Oil: Take 1 or half a teaspoon of Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Organic Almond Oil. Take some oil onto the tips of your ring finger and massage the area around your eyes. Repeat this for up to 10-15 minutes and go off to sleep. Almond oil is rich in retinol, vitamin E and vitamin K that soothes the skin, reduces inflammations and keeps the skin nourished.

  • Green Tea Bags: Green Tea Bags are also suitable to treat dark circles. Soak two green tea bags in water. Take out the tea bags and keep them in a refrigerator for 30 minutes, let them cool down. Take the bags and place both the green tea bags onto the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. Green tea contains caffeine that reduces the inflammation of blood vessels. Reduces swelling and puffiness of the skin under the eyes. Keeping green tea bags revives the skin around the eyes keeps it refreshed and nourished.

  • Cucumber Slices or Cucumber Juice: Take two or four slices of cucumber and place one set of it at a time on the eyes for up to 10 minutes and repeat the same with another set of a slice. Alternatively, squeeze out the cucumber juice and soak four cotton pads to it. Take out one set of cotton pads, remove excess juice and place it onto the eyes for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes place the fresh set for another 10 minutes. Cucumber contains astringent, antioxidants, skin lightening properties that brighten the darker areas around the eyes and make the blood vessels stronger thereby reducing the puffiness and swelling.

  • Adequate Sleep: With all the above-mentioned natural ways of removing dark circles adequate sleep is a must. Inadequate sleep leads to puffiness and swelling around the eyes which can make the skin around the eyes pale further can turn into darkening of the skin. Proper sleep relaxes the muscles and reduces the stiffness in them.

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