Prep up for the wedding season

Oh no, I have to attend my best friend’s wedding. But a pimple has popped on my face, or my locks are so frizzy. Come the Shaadi season and your ears will get tuned to these problems. Why? Because everyone wants to own the perfect shaadi wala look.

Such is the craze and excitement that the wear is always carefully thought of, but the overall look often gets sidelined. In this blog we will cover some skin and hair care tips for the perfect wedding look. So that you shine like a star and might end up finding your potential match. Start prepping for your skin and hair in advance. So that your skin shines and your locks flow like a ball swinging in the air.

The wedding essentials for skin care are as follows:

  1. Wash your face: Yeh shaadi-vaadi mein Face Wash ka kya kaam hoga. But the basics of skin care never change. A good face wash helps cleanse the face. Use Aroma Magic Strawberry Face Wash to purify and hydrate your skin. Always use the product twice a day for best results.

  2. Scrub: If you desire to be the centre of attraction, then exfoliation is your best option to go for. It will make sure that the dead skin cells are removed. For this you just have to caress your hands on Aroma Magic Coffee Bean Scrub. Its blend of lemon grass, grapefruit and juniper berry essential oils helps revive skin, reduce fine lines, and imparts glow.

  3. Mask it off: We often tend to ignore the importance of a face mask. It’s time to add the Aroma Magic 4 in 1 Sheet Mask Pack. This gem of a beauty product will help you add that charm on your face. We have a special offer for all you lovely people. Use the Code MAGIC30 to avail flat 30% off.

  4. Moisturise always: Any skin care tip is incomplete without moisturising. Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion helps plug this gap. It is enriched with SPF 15, this lotion protects and rejuvenates the skin. The extracts of almond fruit give the skin a healthy texture. To top it all, drink plenty of water to nourish yourself from within.

Trying to fix hair can be the biggest hurdle on such momentous occasions. Hairfall, dandruff, oily scalp, and frizzy hair can give you aching problems. But there is always a fix for your hair woes. Follow these simple hair care tips to get healthy and shiny hair.

  1. Always go for a regular hair trim every few weeks. This makes hair easier to style and prevents hair damage. Although heating appliances come in handy when it comes to giving that perfect look, avoid using them too regularly. Please don’t fall into the trap of chemical-infused hair products. They ruin the life of your hair and burn your pockets too.

  2. Oiling is a must: The importance of oiling your hair cannot be discounted. It is one of the best solutions to overcome the roughness of hair. Use Aroma Magic Hair Oil to reduce split ends and promote hair growth.

  3. Apply Shampoo: Shampoo can help clean away the dirt, oil, and other debris from the scalp. Use Aroma Magic Hair Fall Control Shampoo to get the best hair-washing experience. It is enriched with the essential oils of clary sage and lavender. Want back that natural shine on your hair? We have a special wedding season offer for all you kind hearts. Use code HBC20 to avail flat 20% off on hair care and body care products.

  4. Condition always: You must have heard beauty experts talk about the necessity of using a hair conditioner. A hair conditioner helps to hydrate and nourish your hair. Use Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal Conditioner. This product helps you get smooth hair and detoxify your scalp. Pamper your hair and see the miraculous transformation of your tresses.

  5. Heal through serum: Hair serum will continue to get traction in the beauty and wellness industry. A hair serum is another such hair care product that helps to target multiple hair care concerns. Aroma Magic Hair Serum adds softness and elasticity to your hair. The goodness of vitamin E and aloe vera gel makes the hair soft and silky.


The wedding season is a time of joy, celebration, and the beginning of a beautiful journey. Add the grace and goodness of Aroma Magic Products in the run up to the wedding season and beyond. Always keep yourself hydrated and monitor what you take on your plate. Lastly, one thing you certainly cannot compromise on is a good night’s sleep.