With the monsoon season comes relief from the scorching summer heat. But as much as we love the rainy season and the frequent chai-pakoda sessions, it has its own set of challenges. From foot infections and allergies to dull skin and unmanageable hair, monsoon brings along many health, skin, and hair problems that can be a nightmare!

The humid monsoon weather can make your hair dull, frizzy, and brittle and result in several hair problems. Sounds bad, right? But let’s focus on the bright side! In this blog, we will share a few monsoon hair care tips and recommend natural hair care products to deal with common hair problems in the rainy season.

Tips for Hair Care in the Rainy Season

Hair care is challenging as it is and the rainy season makes it even more difficult to maintain healthy hair. Here are a few monsoon hair care tips that will help you combat hair damage caused by the rains:

  1. Shield your hair from rainwater

    Jumping and playing in the rain can be so much fun, right? It brings back so many childhood memories. However, it can wreak havoc on your lovely hair.

    Acidic rainwater can strip your hair of natural oils and moisture, leaving it dry and frizzy. It can also cause bacterial infections on the scalp.

    Therefore, it is essential to avoid getting drenched in rain. If however, your hair does get exposed to rainwater, ensure that you wash your hair with a mild natural hair shampoo as soon as you can. Don’t forget to follow it up with a nourishing hair conditioner.

  2. Pre-shampoo hot oil massage

    While a pre-shampoo hot oil massage should be a part of your hair care routine, irrespective of the season, it works wonders for monsoon hair care.

    A hot oil massage with Aroma Magic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil before shampooing can add an extra layer of protection to your hair. It helps keep your hair hydrated and frizz-free in the rainy season.

  3.  Keep your tresses dry

    Your hair is the weakest when wet. Wet hair is more prone to damage and breakage. After every hair wash, use a clean & soft towel to dry your hair instead of using a blow-dryer.

    Pro tip: Never tie your hair when it is wet. It will damage your hair roots and increase the risk of breakage and hair fall.

  4. Go for neat & hassle-free hairstyles

    This is one of the most significant monsoon hair care tips. Tying your hair up in neat ponytails or buns will prevent them from getting tangled easily. It decreases the risk of scalp infections and prevents your hair from getting rough and frizzy.

  5. Avoid chemical hair treatments

    The high humidity in rainy weather makes your hair dry, brittle, and frizzy. Chemical treatments can make your hair even more dull, drab, and lifeless.

Common Monsoon Hair Problems & Their Solutions

The humid monsoon air combined with the acidic rains can result in several hair issues. Here are a few common monsoon hair problems along with their solutions:

  • Hair Fall

    In monsoon, the moisture content of the air around you is very high. When your hair absorbs the extra moisture from the air, it swells up and becomes weaker, eventually resulting in increased hair fall.

    Rainwater can also damage your hair follicles and increase the risk of entanglement, which can further result in hair fall.         

    Including Aroma Magic Hair Fall Control Shampoo in your monsoon hair care routine helps keep your scalp clean and prevents hair fall. This natural hair shampoo is enriched with a blend of essential oils, Aloe Vera, and Reetha.
  • Dandruff

    Rainwater is one of the major causes of dandruff in monsoons. The dampness of the wet scalp becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that results in dandruff, itchiness, flakiness, and other scalp infections.

    With a potent combination of Patchouli, Lemon, Cedarwood, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus essential oils, Aroma Magic Flaky Hair Oil helps maintain the pH balance of your scalp. It treats both oily and dry dandruff and relieves itchiness.
  • Frizzy Hair

    The high moisture content and humid atmosphere make frizziness a common monsoon hair problem. Frizzy hair can be hard to manage and look messy.

    But as always, we’ve got a solution to this problem too! Our aromatherapy-based Hair Serum helps hydrate your dry and frizzy hair and adds an instant shine and bounce. It also improves hair elasticity and makes it soft. 

Summing Up

Managing your hair in the rainy season & keeping it healthy can be tricky! But following the monsoon hair care tips given above and using natural hair products targeted for your hair problems will give your hair the care it needs. Keep your hair happy this monsoon with Aroma Magic!



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