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Body Care Regime

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Body Care Regime’s Products 

  • 3-in-1 Plum Body Wash 500ml
  • Honey and Shea Butter Body Lotion 220ml
  • Nourishing Hand Cream 50gm
  • Foot Cream 50 gm


A body care regime is necessary to pamper your whole body with the best and help the skin be soft, supple, and energized. 3-in-1 Plum body wash is a treat for your hair, face, and body as it works for all of them and gives a healthy glow. Honey and shea butter body lotion nourish the skin and locks the moisture. Hand cream and foot cream keeps the hand and feet soft and healthy!

How to use


  • 3-in-1 Plum Body Wash: Shake and pour the required amount onto your hand and loofah. Lather up in the bath or shower and massage into skin and hair. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Honey and Shea Butter Body Lotion: Apply generously to clean, dry skin. Massage in a circular motion until it is absorbed.
  • Nourishing Hand Cream: Massage a small amount on clean and dry hands until fully absorbed. For best results use twice daily or whenever your hands feel dry.
  • Foot Cream: Massage a small amount on clean and dry feet until fully absorbed. For best results apply every night before sleep.


  • Cleans rejuvenates and energizes skin
  • Protects skin from the sunburn
  • Softens & moisturizes
  • Nourishes hand, nails, and cuticles



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