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Dry Skin Essentials Kit

Skin Type


Step 1 C - Aloe Vera Cleanser  20 gm 100 gm
Step 2 T - Rose Hip Skin Toner  20 ml 100 ml
Step 3 O - Dry Skin Oil  5 ml 20 ml
Step 4 M - Almond Moisturising Lotion 20 ml 100 ml

Skin Type: Dry Skin

About the Product

Dry Skin Essentials kit is a 4 step process to soothe and revitalize dry skin. The most common cause for dry skin is the loss of moisture and the inefficient production of natural oils in the skin that leads to an uncomfortable tightening of the skin, especially after a swim or a bath. Dry skin also causes dullness, fine lines, and flaky skin that further results in itchiness. Fortunately for you, our Dry Skin Essentials will provide the right resolution and deliver gorgeous, immaculate skin. Here is a quick luxurious way to cleanse and nourish the skin while dissolving surface impurities and makeup. This kit comprises a rich collection of aloe vera, rosehip, almond, and jasmine, packed with other skin-loving nutrients that help balance the moisture in the skin.


  • Rebalances and soothes the skin
  • Tighten pores and deeply cleanse the skin
  • Intensely hydrates, refreshes, and conditions the skin
  • Moisturises and rejuvenates the skin
  • How much to use- Use a coin size amount of all the products

How much to use: Use a coin size amount of all the products

How to Use

Aloe Vera Cleanser- Dampen skin, take a little cleanser with water, and massage onto the face using circular strokes. Wipe off with damp cotton.

Rosehip Toner- Take a cotton pad and put a little amount of toner on it. Wipe your face with the pad gently.

Dry Skin Oil- Apply 4-5 drops onto your clean face and neck every morning and night.

Almond Moisturising Lotion- Gently massage the moisturizer onto your skin.


  • Essential oils of Persian walnut seeds, grape seed, geranium, patchouli, and Damask rose
  • Extracts of aloe vera, orange blossom, witch hazel, and lavender water
  • Extracts of almond fruit and lotus leaf
  • Oils of wheat germ and jojoba

Why is it essential?

Essential Kits are exclusively made to make the daily skincare regime easy with all the essential products brought together in one kit according to your skin type. As skincare regime is a daily process, essential kits have all the 4 necessary products that can make your skin clean, glowing, and soft.



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