During hot and humid weather, our skin undergoes several significant changes and reactions due to environmental conditions. The combination of high temperatures and moisture in the air affects our skin in various ways. Humid weather stimulates our sweat glands to produce more sweat as a natural cooling mechanism. This increase in perspiration leads to a higher level of moisture on the skin's surface. As a result, the skin may feel sticky and appear shiny due to the accumulation of sweat and sebum.

The humidity in the air hinders the evaporation of sweat from the skin, leaving it feeling damp and often contributing to a clammy sensation. This excessive moisture can also disrupt the skin's natural barrier function, potentially leading to increased water loss and dehydration, especially if not properly hydrated.

Moreover, the combination of sweat, sebum, and environmental pollutants can lead to clogged pores and an increased risk of acne breakouts. The humid conditions create an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive on the skin's surface, exacerbating skin issues for those already prone to breakouts. For individuals with sensitive skin, the heat and humidity may trigger irritation and redness, making the skin more susceptible to inflammation and itchiness.

Proper skincare routines, including gentle cleansing, adequate hydration, and using lightweight, non-comedogenic products, can help manage these challenges and keep the skin healthy and balanced in such conditions.

Blossom Kochhar, the renowned expert in aromatherapy, has come up with an array of exclusive products to combat the effects of humidity. As part of Aroma Magic's August recommendation, these specially curated items promise to tackle the challenges posed by the humid weather.

The August recommendation includes a selection of innovative products designed to keep your skin and hair in check even in the most humid conditions.

  1. Activated Bamboo Charcoal Face Wash & Face Pack

    This combination of face wash and face pack with Activated Bamboo Charcoal can cleanse your skin deeply and removes impurities and toxins from the skin. It allows the skin to breathe and remove dead skin cells. brighten the skin instantly by exfoliating dead skin cells. Use Face Wash every morning and evening whereas use face pack once a week.

  2. Activated Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo & Conditioner

    This duo for your hair is the best combo for this season. This charcoal shampoo deep cleanses your hair & scalp, absorbs toxins and impurities, and removes dead skin cells that accumulate on the scalp. It allows the scalp to breathe and absorb sweat and other odorants from your scalp and keeps your hair smelling nice all day. The conditioner will help moisturise your scalp, nourish your strands and add shine to your hair. It smoothes your hair and prevents it from frizzing.

  3. Sun Block & Sun Screen Body Lotion

    Though sun protection is needed throughout the year during summer it is mandated that you have covered your skin with extra protection during hot and humid weather. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Sunblock Lotion and Sunscreen Body Lotion can help protect the face and body completely. Sunblock Lotion provides natural sun safety, Vitamins B5, C, and E prevent visible signs of aging. Sunscreen Body Lotion condition and soothe the skin through its anti-inflammatory properties. It contains Jojoba Oil which acts as an antioxidant and protects the skin from sun damage.

  4. Aromatic Skin Toner & Pores Be Pure

    When it comes to humid weather hydration should be taken care of precisely. Aromatic Skin Toner special formulation is intended to clean and tone the skin without drying out the skin. It acts as a natural astringent that calms and balances the skin, delivering vital nutrients and vitamins to the skin. Pores Be Pure Sheet Mask helps the gentle exfoliation of the skin. It provides intense moisturisation and purifies the pores on your skin.

    1. Squalane Serum hydrates the skin, replenishes dry patches, and rejuvenates mature skin.

    2. Hyaluronic Serum reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and controls acne.

    3. Niacinamide Serum reduces inflammations, and balances sebum and face acne scars.

    4. Vitamin C Serum fades hyperpigmentation, reduces fine lines, and repairs sun damage.