Your summer skin and hair care should be a collection of essential natural products. Natural skin care & hair care products contain the goodness of natural ingredients. Incorporating aromatherapy into your skin and hair care can help keep the skin and hair beautiful.

How Summer Affects Skin and Hair

Summer can significantly affect the skin and hair due to increased exposure to sunlight, humidity, and other environmental factors. The skin often becomes more prone to sunburn, dehydration, and oiliness during summer.

  • Increased sun exposure during summer can lead to skin damage, such as sunburn, premature aging, and an increased risk of skin cancer due to UV radiation.

  • Higher temperatures and humidity levels can cause increased sweating, leading to clogged pores and potential breakouts.

  • Heat and humidity can exacerbate skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

  • Chlorine from swimming pools and salt from seawater can strip the skin and hair of their natural oils, leading to dryness and damage.

  • Intense heat can cause the scalp to produce more oil, leading to greasy hair and potential scalp issues like dandruff.

  • UV rays can also damage the hair, causing dryness, brittleness, and color fading, especially for dyed or chemically treated hair.

  • It's crucial to protect the skin and hair during summer with sunscreen, protective clothing, hats, and hydrating products to prevent damage and maintain their health.

Summer Special Skin and Hair Care Tips

To mitigate summer effects on skin and hair, it's essential to use sunscreen daily, stay hydrated, cleanse skin and hair regularly, and use protective clothing and accessories like hats and scarves.

  • Summer skin and hair care routines provide increased protection against harmful UV radiation, preventing sunburns, premature aging, and skin cancer.

  • Proper summer skin care and hair care help maintain optimal hydration levels, combating dryness caused by sun exposure, heat, and chlorine/saltwater.

  • Summer-specific skincare routines often incorporate products with brightening and antioxidant properties, promoting a radiant and healthy glow.

  • Summer hair care practices nourish and strengthen the hair, reducing damage from UV rays, chlorine, and saltwater exposure, resulting in smoother, shinier hair.

  • Regular exfoliation and conditioning treatments in summer skincare and hair care routines contribute to smoother, softer skin and hair texture.

  • Consistent summer skin care and hair care practices can lead to long-term benefits, such as maintaining skin elasticity, preventing premature aging, and preserving hair health.

Natural Products & Aromatherapy Products for Skin

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic's natural products are designed to nourish and protect, keeping your skin hydrated and your hair healthy in every season. These aromatherapy-based products are gentle and natural and blend essential oils to maximize the skin's benefits.

  1. White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash - Your everyday pollution defense face wash. It helps keep the skin thoroughly cleansed by removing impurities and free radicals.

  2. Rose Hip Toner - This face toner is packed with a blend of rose hip and neroli essential to protect the skin from inflammations and keep it refreshed.

  3. Clary Sage Moisturiser - It is important to keep the skin moisturised even in summer to prevent aging. Clary Sage moisturiser is perfect for summer skin nourishment and hydration.

  4. Vitamin C Skin Serum - When it comes to skin glow and anti-aging, vitamin C is best. Vitamin C Face Serum is an antioxidant and anti-aging agent that repairs sun damage, treats hyperpigmentation, and reduces fine lines.

  5. Sunlite Spray - Summer skin care is absolutely zero without sun protection. Sunlite Spray is perfect for your summer protection, easy to use, easy to carry and complete sun protection.

  6. Body Wash and LotionJasmine Body Wash and Honey & Shea Body Lotion are the perfect combination to nourish and hydrate your skin. Both body wash and lotion help soothe your skin and leave it feeling pampered and smooth. These products hydrate your body and smell good. Use these in the morning or at night for your skincare routine to make you feel refreshed and pampered.

  7. Never Skip Night Skin Care - Hydrating Seaweed Pack is an overnight pack that detoxifies, oxygenates, and hydrates the skin. It purifies and soothes your skin, leaving it a radiant, fresh, and dewy-rich blend of vitamins and minerals found in seaweed.

Natural Products & Aromatherapy Products for Hair

Keep your hair protected, cleansed, and beautiful with Shine & Volume Shampoo and Cream Conditioner. This combination of Shampoo and Conditioner contains plant extracts that clean, hydrate, and add volume to your hair. They also make your hair soft and lively. Shine & Volume Shampoo and Cream Conditioner contains essential oils that provide natural hair care.

Facial Ideal for Summer

The Diamond Glow Facial Kit is an ideal facial for all skin types. This exclusive set includes premium skincare products crafted to refresh, hydrate, and nourish your skin. Designed for top-notch performance, these items ensure your skin appears revitalised, well-moisturised, and healthy. Following their use, expect your skin to radiate a luminous glow, reflecting its newfound vitality and radiance.

You are all set for summer now.

You are all set to treat yourself to the gift of radiant skin and luscious locks with these beauty essentials this summer. This collection includes mild cleansers and moisturisers crafted to enhance your beauty and boost your confidence as spring arrives. Get ready to feel refreshed and pampered this season with these essential beauty products that deliver complete self-care to you.