If it's not on Instagram, it's not worth it! Isn't that the motto everyone lives by these days? And now that we are entering the much-awaited festive season, the days of scrolling through thousands of Instagram reels to find that perfect hair and makeup look for the festivities are back.

With Navratri 2023 just around the corner, the Dandiya night fever is on! And we're sure you must be prepping for it, too. Let's say after sleepless nights and a month's hard work of checking out reels, you finally find that perfect Dandiya look you've always wanted! Flawless makeup and a gorgeous hairstyle to make you look like a diva as you perform Garba on Falguni Pathak's songs.

Cut to Day 1 of Navratri! You wear your ghagra choli and put on makeup. But wait…the makeup looks dry and cakey. Nothing like you imagined! You try to style your hair in a twisted bun like in a reel you saw, but your hair looks messy and frizzy. And there goes your dream Navratri look!

Thankfully, you still have time! In this blog, we will share a few Navratri beauty tips for the best Dandiya look that will help you steal the spotlight!

5 Navratri Beauty Tips to Follow for the Perfect Dandiya Look

While you get ready to flaunt your colourful lehenga cholis and dance moves, don’t forget to follow some skincare and hair care tips to achieve your dream Navratri look.

Here are a few beauty tips for Navratri to prep yourself for Dandiya nights:

Prep your skin for makeup

All set for dancing your way through Dandiya nights? In that case, you’ll need your Navratri makeup to last long!

Following a pre-makeup skin care routine will not only help you achieve a flawless makeup base but also help your makeup last longer. Here is a simple skin care routine for no-cakey makeup this Navratri:

  • Cleanser: Cleansing your face helps remove dirt and impurities from the face and ensures even makeup application. Aroma Magic has a wide range of non-irritating natural face cleansers for all skin types that deep cleanse your skin while keeping it hydrated.

  • Exfoliator: Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells and prepares your skin for a smooth makeup application.

  • Toner: Use an alcohol-free toner to refresh your skin and reduce the appearance of pores.

  • Serum: Using a lightweight hydrating serum will keep your skin plump and create a smooth canvas for makeup application. Aroma Magic Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum is a lightweight serum suitable for all skin types. Layering it under your makeup will give you a dewy Navratri makeup look.

  • Moisturiser: Hate cakey makeup? We do, too! This is why we recommend moisturising your skin before makeup. No matter how expensive makeup products you use, your makeup will be cakey if your skin is dry & dehydrated.

After following the skin care steps mentioned above, start with your makeup routine.

Pro tip: You can use Aroma Magic Hydrating Seaweed Pack as a natural gel-based primer for the first step of your makeup routine.

Let your hair shine

Shampooing and conditioning your hair is good. But it’s not enough! If you really want extra smooth and shiny hair, here are two hair care tips for you:

  • Pre-shampoo oil massage: A nourishing champi with Aroma Magic Hair Oil 30 to 60 minutes before washing your hair helps keep your hair moisturised and keeps it soft.

  • Hair serum: Frizziness making it difficult to style your hair? Our Aroma Magic Hair Serum is just what you need. It is the best natural serum for frizzy hair you will find. Applying it on damp hair keeps your hair smooth and adds instant shine.

Follow these hair care tips for Navratri and style your hair like you want for the perfect Dandiya night look.

Body care for smooth, buttery skin

Imagine this! You’re flaunting your killer dance moves at a Dandiya night event. Right across you, you notice someone good-looking staring at you. Then that person comes closer to you! Total Bollywood style, right? While you’re both dancing, your arms brush against each other, and they go, “So rough & dry skin!”

Don’t want this to happen to you? Then, we suggest moisturising your skin with Aroma Magic Honey & Shea Butter Body Lotion to keep your skin hydrated, soft, and supple.

Smell heavenly

Wanna be the center of attention at your Dandiya night event? Then make sure that you don’t just look good but also smell good! Especially because you will be sweating with all the dancing you do!

This Navratri, ditch chemical-based perfumes and say yes to DIY perfume blends with essential oils. Here’s a simple recipe to make your own essential oil perfume for you:

  • Take 4 drops of Lavender and Orange essential oils each.
  • To this, add 2 drops of Patchouli essential oil.
  • Lastly, add 2 tbsps. of Grapeseed oil.

Apply this essential oil blend to your pulse points to stay fresh & fragrant.

Glam your nails up

Well, your Navratri look is incomplete without some sparkle and glitter for your nails! You could choose a simplistic nail art design and paint your nails at home or book a salon appointment for some trendy and festive nail art designs.

Bonus Navratri Tip for All the Garba Lovers!

For all those who get super excited for Garba night and dance their hearts out, you will need something special to take care of your feet! After all, you gotta keep flaunting your dance moves for all nine days of Navratri, right? Aroma Magic Foot Ache Curative Oil is an essential oil blend formulated for tired and aching feet. This blended oil will help you deal with your foot pain after a night full of dancing and happiness.

Wrapping Up

The Navratri beauty tips given in this blog are pretty simple to follow and do not require a lot of your time or effort. So, while you choose the perfect outfit and jewellery for a vibrant Navratri, do not forget to follow these tips to flaunt your gorgeous look and make your celebrations extra special.