Winters have settled in completely. Our layering game is on song. Even the ever distant moisturisers and lotions have been stacked in our beauty shelf. And what about the extra kilos that one puts on courtesy of the good food and cosy comfort of a blanket?

While this is the perfect time to relax and unwind. What keeps most people troubled and on their toes are winter hair problems. The drop in temperature makes life tough for your hair. Unfortunately this is the time when hair problems are very high, because the cold weather sucks out the moisture and natural oils from the strands and the scalp.

In this blog, we have all your hair concerns covered. We will guide you in how you can tackle your winter hair care woes in the most practical manner with some natural hair care products. So, stay with us on this journey.

These are some of the common winter hair problems:

  1. Static hair: During winter when the moisture level in the air falls. Your hair has the tendency to get dry and brittle. This annoying problem can be experienced early in the morning as your locks stand erect on your hair. This can leave your hair messy throughout the day. There is a fix for this problem: keep your hair moisturised with Aroma Magic Coconut Oil. Aroma Magic hair care products will keep your hair shiny and moisturised.

  2. Split ends: One of the major causes of split ends is dryness. The dryness in your locks causes them to split into two. This makes your hair appear more dry and frizzy. One of the solutions to cure this problem is regular trimming. But you also park this winter-hair problem under the shade of Aroma Magic products. Use Aroma Magic Cream Conditioner. Let it stay on your hair strands and rinse off with cold water.

  3. Itchy scalp: Just like our skin, our scalp gets dry during winter. This leads to dandruff and itchy scalp. To fix this winter hair problem. We would recommend you to switch to a creamier and hydrating shampoo. Use Aroma Magic Moisture Boost Shampoo to fix your itchy scalp issues.

  4. Dandruff: This one winter-hair-problem is common and haunts almost everyone. The dead skin, built up on the scalp, due to the lack of humidity, makes your scalp flaky. The dead skin cells in the form of flakes, causing dandruff. The best fix for this winter-hair-problem is Aroma Magic Dandruff Control Shampoo. The extracts of clarysage and rosemary help nourish your hair.

Now that we have covered the possible winter hair problems. We will give you tips on how you can best navigate the cold winter months and still have the best hair.

  1. Don’t shampoo too much: Shampoos work a great deal in removing the dirt and oil from your strands. In the process they also strip off the natural oils from your hair. We would recommend you to always use a mild shampoo. Most importantly limit those hair washes to once or twice a week.

  2. Say no to hot showers: The experience of taking a hot shower can make the bathing experience more comforting. But too much hot water is not good for your scalp. As it leads to a dry scalp and dandruff. It is always recommended to switch to lukewarm water.

  3. Oil your locks regularly: Massaging your oil with your scalp improves the blood circulation on your scalp and boosts your hair to grow healthy. Use Aroma Magic Stimulate Hair Oil. Use this oil every morning and night for best results. The essential oils of chamomile and eucalyptus improve hair health and add shine to your hair.


Now that you know the deal of how to take care of your hair and negate all the winter-hair-problems. These tips will surely help you find your feet and let you soak in the goodness of winter. Using the recommended natural hair care products will make your locks ever ready to brave through the cold and gloomy period. Add the goodness of Aroma Magic Products to your beauty care kit this winter.